Atlantis Atlantean III 3 Audio Speakers
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Atlantis Atlantean III 3 Audio Speakers

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Info on the Atlantis Oracles found online.

They were a private label speaker made for Team Electronics in the late 70's. The speaker was designed by an engineer employed by Team. They are a very high quality product. The sound was designed to emulate a speaker line called the "Quad" an esoteric British speaker line. The III was the premier version of the line having the best balance and truest sound,. The line also included the I, II, and IV, with various configurations of drivers. They were produced by a New York Company called Becker Industries, which at the time specialized in Private-label manufacturing. They cheaper lines Team carried were produced by Winona Industries in Minnesota. But don't confuse these with those. The Oracle III is a fine product. The open array at the top expanded the sound beautifully eliminating the "baffle" effect in the high frequencies. the base was a passive radiator (one active and one passive driver). The only downsides were their size and they needed at least 75 watts per channel to drive them cleanly. But all in all they were the best speaker Team ever sold as a private label.

Wood cabinet. 1970's issue. Work beautifully! They weigh 64 pounds each!

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