Dual 1019 Turntable Wood Cabinet
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Dual 1019 Turntable Wood Cabinet

Serviced by Technician!
Moderate scuffing to plastic lid. Also a cigarette melt mark.
This is a used item. In excellent condition!
The original head shell mount is and was of poor design. The one with this one refused to make contact and provide good continuity. So i ordered one of the Newly designed ones available and installed it. Unit worked well after that.

Automatic operations: auto start and stop, manual start and reject
Spindle: single play or elevator action changer spindle
Speeds: 16, 33, 45 and 78rpm
Pitch control: varies over 6% range
Record size selector: 7, 10 and 12"
Tonearm cueing height adjustment: 3/8"
Counterbalance: nylon braked and rubber damped
Anti-skating: direct dial continuously variable.

Price $300.00