Superbowl 34 NFL, Wilson Sports ONE OF A KIND CAR FOR SALE!

This car was commissioned by the NFL and Wilson Sports for the exclusive use of delivering the 60 Super Bowl Footballs to Superbowl 34 in Atlanta. It was painted in Wisconsin to match almost exactly the actual game used Superbowl Footballs. The car was driven to Atlanta, used for the game to deliver the balls to the 40 yard line for the kickoff, and then the car was donated to charity. After we purchased it, the car was then driven to Mason City, Iowa, where it has been in our possession ever since. The car has about 5200 miles on it. It is driven in Parades and occasionally to keep it lubed only. If you are the purchaser, you will also receive all of the documents that we have been able to obtain on the car, as we are attempting to build a history for the car. Photos are below. Contact mike here or call 641 424 2200.

Asking price is $35,000.00 OBO!

Left front view.

Drivers view

Custom FOOTBALL leather interrior. They used the same leather that they use to make footballs to do the interrior work.

Picture of the drivers headrest. Also Football leather.

Close up of the hood showing the dimples and the threads painted on the car.

Full front

Passenger side

Close up of the door

Rear View

Photos of us picking up the car.

Picture of the door where it is autographed by a couple of players i think, Mike Raith #32 and Ralph Bellicone? #4.

More photos.