Large He-Man Collection for sale!
221 1/2 N Federal, Mason City IA 50401

Contact Mike Tickal 641 424 2200 if interested!
Collection is now being broken up. Email us if there are specific items you want. We can deliver to Minneapolis at various shows and such as we are always traveling that way!

Here is a link to the spreadsheet of the collection. There are a lot of international issued items.

STUDY the spreadsheet. It shows what these items have sold for online lately more or less.

If spreadsheet items is marked SOLD in RED. then it is GONE. BLUE is spoken for, but not yet paid for. ASK for photos of items you are interested in.

These are the photos we took before we started.

These are after we finished photos.

1/20/19. Added lots more photos below. This collection is stong in international pieces. We want whoever buys this to have a good idea what they are getting!

Email to: miket AT