Large He-Man Collection for sale!
221 1/2 N Federal, Mason City IA 50401

Contact Mike Tickal 641 424 2200 if interested!
7-8 of you asked for info on this collection in its entirety. So, we made a web site to showcase it rather than send to each. Much easier!

Here is a link to the spreadsheet of the collection. We probably missed an item or 2. There are a lot of items buried in the boxes. There are a lot of international issued items.

STUDY the spreadsheet.

It shows what these items have sold for online lately more or less.

Total VALUE for the collection comes in at about $20,000.00. Price for the collection will be $16,000.00. Time payment of minimum $2,000.00 per month acceptable. We can also deliver the collection within a reasonable distance.

These are the photos we took before we started.

These are after we finished photos.

1/20/19. Added lots more photos below. This collection is stong in international pieces. We want whoever buys this to have a good idea what they are getting!

Email to: miket AT